100cm Mini Sex Doll:

Height: 3.28 ft(100CM)

Product Weight: 10KG


Breast: 22.05 inch(56CM)

Waist: 13.39 inch(34CM)

Hip: 21.65 inch(55CM)


Vaginal Depth: 5.91 inch(15CM)

Anal Depth: 5.91 inch(15CM)


Neck length: 8.27 inch(21CM)

Cross Shoulder: 8.66 inch(22CM)

Arm circumference: 5.91 inch(15CM)

Arm length: 14.57 inch(37CM)

Hand length: 4.33 inch(11CM)

Leg length: 21.26 inch(54CM)

Thigh circumference: 12.6 inch(32CM)

Calf circumference: 9.45 inch(24CM)

Foot length: 5.12 inch(13CM)


Package Weight: 17KG

Package Size(CM): 95*28*22CM


115cm Mini Sex Doll:

Height: 3.77 ft(115CM)

Product Weight: 13.35KG


Vaginal Depth: 5.91 inch(15CM)

Anal Depth: 5.91 inch(15CM)


Breast: 23.62 inch(60CM)

Waist: 16.54 inch(42CM)

Hip: 23.62 inch(60CM)


Cross Shoulder: 9.84 inch(25CM)

Arm circumference: 6.69 inch(17CM)

Arm length: 16.14 inch(41CM)

Hand length: 3.74 inch(9.5CM)

Leg length: 22.05 inch(56CM)

Thigh circumference: 12.99 inch(33CM)

Calf circumference: 7.87 inch(20CM)

Foot length: 4.92 inch(12.5CM)

Neck length: 8.86 inch(22.5CM)


Package Weight: 17.83KG

Package Size(CM): 108*28*20CM


125cm Mini Sex Doll:

Height: 4.1 ft(125CM)

Product Weight: 12.85KG


Breast: 22.83 inch(58CM)

Waist: 15.94 inch(40.5CM)

Hip: 24.21 inch(61.5CM)


Vaginal Depth: 5.91 inch(15CM)

Anal Depth: 5.91 inch(15CM)


Cross Shoulder: 11.42 inch(29CM)

Arm circumference: 5.71 inch(14.5CM)

Arm length: 17.72 inch(45CM)

Hand length: 3.54 inch(9CM)

Leg length: 24.41 inch(62CM)

Thigh circumference: 11.81 inch(30CM)

Calf circumference: 7.87 inch(20CM)

Foot length: 5.12 inch(13CM)

Neck length: 7.09 inch(18CM)


Package Weight: 17.23KG

Package Size(CM): 110*31*22CM


Package include:

1* Juicytoyz Love Sex Doll

1* Wig

1*  Vagina Cleaning

1* Clothes (Sexy Lingerie,Sent at random)

1*  Gloves

1*Instruction manual

1*Erotic underwear

1*USB Heater(If you choose the body heating function for your doll)

We promise you the love dolls 100% same to the pictures(except the gift of doll accessories).

TIPS: Please clean her with warm water before make love with your lifelike sex doll and every 30 days at least.

  1. Clean her with mild shower foam. The head and wig should be clean separately. Do not use a hair dryer.
  2. When the skin becomes sticky, please clean with bath powder. Dry and use baby powder to make her smooth.
  3. Please put on her clothes to keep clean, but do not put on dark colors clothes or shoes for her to avoid her skin get dyed.
  4. Avoiding the real doll direct under sunlight for long time.